Debut album Plunge for Distance Out Today!

Debut album Plunge for Distance Out Today!

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Dear friends,

I’m very happy to announce that after a few years of preparing, hesitating, practicing and writing, my debut album is finally out. The album is a transatlantic collaboration and features some of my favorite musicians: Ben van Gelder (sax), Vitor Gonçalves (accordion & wurlitzer), Rick Rosato (bass) and Mark Schilders (drums).

More info here.

For those of you in New York: in celebration we will be playing the music from this album and more at Cornelia Street Cafe tomorrow, March 3. Sets are at 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. and there is a $10 cover charge, $10 drink minimum.

You might be slightly puzzled by the album title, or wondering if perhaps it got lost in translation. I can assure you it didn’t. The title refers to a 1904 olympic sport, in which plungees would drop themselves into a pool and then try to float as far as possible without moving any limbs. Needless to say, as dedicated as the sportsmen were, it wasn’t quite the spectacle for onlookers and the sport dissapeared into oblivion thereafter.

I hope to see some of you New Yorkers tomorrow night!