“From the opening notes, the compositions and playing on Plunge For Distance have the mark of originality, deep musicianship and, perhaps most importantly, a very wry sense of humor.” – Budd Kopman / All About Jazz

“Right out the box, Syberen van Munster is a fully formed composer, guitarist and bandleader with his own way of doing things by pulling together familiar elements into a new, intelligent signature language. Moreover, he didn’t have to be fast, loud or atonal to make his music uniquely interesting and captivating. That’s the major achievement of Plunge For Distance.” – S. Victor AaronSomething Else Reviews

“When this quintet moves at a brisk pace, the music has an appealing pop-music catchiness.  And when sax & accordion combine to influence the proceedings, the result is a haunting beauty.  Guitarist van Munster strikes a nice balance on this solid debut recording.” – Dave Sumner / Bird is the Worm

“His music extends beyond jazz―you’ll hear strains of romantic sambas and tangos, along with European chamber and orchestrated music.” – Michael Nastos / Hot House Jazz Magazine

“impeccably stylish” – Doug Simpson / Audiophile Audition


“Van Munster is een fraai improvisator. Zijn ronde tonen ademen diep, kalm kleurend aan de ingetogen arrangementen.” – Erno Elsinga / Jazzenzo

Een fantastische plaat, vakwerk” – Frank Jochemsen / Radio 6

**** “…zoekt de verfijning van klassiek aandoende composities.” – Johan Bakker / Nederlands Dagblad

“Wanneer de eerste maten van het openingsnummer ‘Röyksopp’ gespeeld worden, is één ding meteen zeker: dit wordt een hele goede cd.” – Jetske Erisman / Festivalinfo

“… melodieuze improvisaties in frismoderne jazzcomposities” – NRC Handelsblad

“Een erg mooi en fris album vol sfeervolle jazz.” – Gitarist

“Harener brengt na zes jaar New York CD uit” – Harener Weekblad

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